Closing Process

Starting the process
The process starts when the purchase agreement is signed. The seller may elect to submit the earnest money received from the buyer to us to deposit into Primary’s Escrow Account. We will make initial contact with the Buyer’s Mortgage Company to determine how best we can help move the approval process forward. We will stay connected with all parties until the buyer’s mortgage approval is received. Contact information for a Primary Title Processor will be provided to assist buyer and seller with any questions or concerns they may have throughout the process.

Title search and examination
Our team of expert Title Insurance Examiners will examine the public records to determine ownership of the property and any liens or taxes that may attach. We will also look for any easements, right of ways or other documents that would affect the land’s use. Our commitment for title insurance is then issued that lists all requirements that need to be met. A representative from the Examination Department will send out this commitment to Buyers and Sellers along with their contact information to answer any questions. The title commitment will also be rushed out to the buyer’s mortgage company to help speed the approval process along.

Document preparation
We will work closely with all parties to get a closing set that is convenient for all. Our highly trained processors will order and obtain all documents needed for closing on Seller’s behalf, such as mortgage payoffs and association status letters. They will also assist the Seller in preparing the Seller’s Documents for closing. The processor will work up the buyers loan documents. We will contact both buyers and sellers prior to closing to be sure they understand all of the documents and are comfortable and ready to close.

Our closers have an average of 10 years experience closing sale transactions. They are prepared for any situation and know how to make sure buyers and sellers leave the closing feeling confident they completely understood the closing process.

Post Closing
Once we receive the lender’s funds and approval, we will disburse all checks or wires. We will send all payments in a safe and secure manner. The Owner’s Policy, insuring the buyer will be issued and send directly to the buyer.

A Successful Closing
Finally, when all is said and done,we believe all parties will agree, that the buying and selling experience withPrimary Title was comfortable and stress free.