For Sale By Owner

Congratulations!  You have chosen to sell your home, By Owner.  It is our hope that your transaction will be as smooth as possible.  To help you with this endeavor, we are providing you with the documents needed to start your sale process. Simply fill them out and return this packet to Primary Title. Stop by anytime, and we will make complete copies for you and your buyer. If you need a place to meet with your buyers to get these papers signed, just call us and set an appointment to use our meeting rooms.

Download and print the complete package HERE

Purchase Agreements
The Purchase Agreement is a legal and binding contract between the Seller and the Buyer. Typically, the purchaser presents and Offer to Purchase to the seller. However the seller may need to provide the purchaser with this form. Every part of the agreement made between yourself and your buyer needs to be put into this contract. Be sure to fill in every blank, along with anything out of the ordinary in the additional conditions section. Primary Title will strictly adhere to the conditions in this purchase agreement when closing this transaction. Download HERE.

Earnest Money Deposit Escrow Agreement
An Earnest Money Deposit is not required; however, it is normal business practice in our area. An Earnest Money Deposit from the Buyer to the Seller shows the buyer’s seriousness about honoring the Purchase Agreement contract after it is signed. It also may make you more comfortable accepting the offer and taking your home off the market. In this area an Earnest Money Deposit of 3% to 6% of the purchase price is normal. Download HERE.

Property Inspection Addendum
If the purchaser requires an inspection of the home this addendum to the purchase agreement should be used. Download HERE.

Purchase Agreement Addendum
If at any time during this process, you and your buyer reach a new agreement or change and agreement already in the purchase Agreement, use this Addendum to make the changes. Send in a copy to Primary. Download HERE.

Seller’s Disclosure
By law the Seller must provide this Disclosure to the Buyer prior to the finalization of the Purchase Agreement. This document will list the existence and conditions of items in and on the property to the best of the Seller’s knowledge. Download HERE

Lead Paint Disclosure
The Seller is required by Federal law to provide this Disclosure to the Buyer prior to the finalization of the Purchase Agreement. Download HERE.

Pay Off Authorization
Primary Title will be glad to obtain a payoff statement on your mortgage for you. Just fill out this authorization completely, and return it with the rest of the package. A payoff statement from your mortgage company will be necessary for the completion of your closing statement. Download HERE.

Association Letter Authorization
If your property is a condominium, or your property is part of a homeowners association, it will be necessary to obtain a letter from the association which provides the specifics of the dues and/or assessments, if any. Primary Title will be glad to obtain this document for you. Just fill out this authorization completely, and return it with the rest of the package. Download HERE.

Order Form
From the start, we want to assist you with any information you may need. Our success will depend on the information you provide on this form. Please fill it out as completely as possible. Download HERE.

Owners Policy For Credit
By turning in the policy you received at the purchase of this home, we will be able to provide a credit on the premium charged for your buyer’s policy.

Primary Title Agency, LLC does not have attorneys on staff. As with any legal transaction or execution of any legal document, obtaining legal advice before signing is highly suggested.