Title Capture
Get your title quotes, seller net sheets and buyer estimates. Use this calculator to see how much you’ll have to pay for settlement services, title insurance, as well as recording fees and transfer taxes HERE.

ALTA Homeowner’s Policy
There are generally 3 types of title policies that are issued to insure ownership of your home. The information below will help you understand the coverage variations. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) Homeowners Policy has the most coverage available, but not all policy types may be available in each state. Discuss your selection with your local title provider.

What to Expect at Settlement
You’ve found the home you want, and your offer was accepted! Now all that needs to be done is to finalize the funding and paperwork. Here are a few basics to help you understand the steps before the keys to the front door are placed in your hand.

Why You Need Owner’s Title Insurance
The place where you live is also one of your most valuable possessions. But did you know that ownership of your home could be threatened – or taken away from you – even if you’ve paid for the property and received a deed?

When that dream is finally realized, why wouldn’t you take every precaution to protect it?

Why You need Title Insurance on a Refinance
Watch for the right opportunity, crunch the numbers, save more, consolidate debt or tap into your home equity with a refinance loan.

Take the final steps toward better financing and ongoing title protection by learning what you need to know about title insurance for a refinance.