We work with all parties to the transaction to coordinate the many details and obtain the necessary documentation, to bring the transaction to a successful closing.

Our Services

  • Current Owner Title Searches
  • Loan and Owners Policies
  • Mortgage Foreclosure and Guarantee Commitments
  • Escrow services
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Recording

Our Expertise

Buyer/ Seller
We will work closely with all parties to bring your purchase transaction to a successful closing. We accomplish this by keeping in touch with the buyer’s mortgage company about the approval process, working with the seller to clear title issues and obtain payoffs, and assist the seller with preparation of the documents needed for closing.

Our goal is to provide and protect the Lender’s interest in the transaction. We accomplish this by following every detail of the closing instructions, submitting the mortgage to be recorded within 3 days of closings and issuing a title policy immediately to guarantee the Lender’s first lien position.

Closing Services
We provide our employees constant training and updated, ever-changing information about our industry, which helps to make them tops in their field. Our closers average 10 years’ experience, and know how to get a transaction closed, with everyone leaving the closing table confident and satisfied with the transaction.